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Self Publishing in India

Evincepub Publishing is rapidly growing self publishing company in India. Working on Print on Demand Methodology, Evincepub Publishing is the only platform, providing free publishing services for new emerging Indian authors. Evincepub Publishing offers free as well as Premium Self Publishing Services. By self publishing book with Evincepub Publishing, you will be receiving 100% profits on each book sale. We accept fiction, non-fiction, art, science, technology, academic, poetry and regional books. With the promise of being best book publisher in India, we also keep our promise of maintaining stocks and availability of the book. The book will always be available in the platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Goodreads, ShopClues, BookAdda, eBay etc. Through self publishing with Evincepub Publishing, your book will also distributed internationally directly thorough the biggest platform like amazon.com. Self Publishing with Evincepub Publishing also includes the service of eBook distribution of your book; the eBook version will be available on major eBook platforms like Kindle, Google Books, Playstore etc. You can visit our Book Store Page to get the comlete idea of self publishing. Evincepub Publishing is best book publisher in India with a number of quality services for book promotion and marketing.

How to Publish a Book

Publish your book easily with the ease of self publishing in India. Self Publishing in India is the fastest growing trend of the publishing industry; authors are finding it useful in every aspect. Unlike the traditional publishing companies, self publishing company Evincepub Publishing allows the author to have control of the entire publishing and distribution process. Since you are self publishing your book, you pay the full cost for publishing of your book and you are responsible for marketing and distribution, however, we are having a lot of Online Book Promotion and Author Branding services which helps you to reach your target audiences. Therefore, the designed copies, the copyright, all subsidiary rights, and all profits are only yours. Evincepub Publishing offers exclusive publishing rights to authors. The most beneficial feature of Self Publishing is whatever you spend; you can earn it easily since we will be providing the marketing and promotional services for selling of your book once the book is published worldwide. Unlike traditional publishing, self publishing book with Evincepub Publishing will give you publishing of your book in just 30 days time.

Print on Demand

Books published through print on demand platform of Evincepub Publishing never go out-of-print. Print on Demand Self Publishing is a new model for book publishing; Evincepub Publishing provides you complete benefit of this trend for lifetime. In print on demand publishing, copies of a book are printed as the demand comes from the seller sites/ readers. In traditional printing, printing single copies are not economical; we use digital printers for printing of the book which gives the best printed quality. Print on Demand has several benefits such as fast execution, no wastage of stocks, lower costs etc. Once the book is published through Evincepub Publishing, it will be listed on online selling portals and as per the demands, the book is printed and shipped to the reader on time.

Why Self Publish?

Many people choose to self publish book because they are unable to find a traditional publishers useful. Often, this is because a book is tightly focused toward a specific niche market, so that it doesn't have sufficient audience to attract a traditional publisher and they get rejected. Others choose self publishing because it provides them more control on the finished product. A traditional publisher may require revisions, editing changes, cuts to a manuscript, etc., that the writer prefers not to make on his/ her book. A writer also has little control over a book's design or cover, or in the promotion process (e.g., making sure that the book is reviewed or advertised in publications that target its most likely readers) since he pays for it. If an author wants to publish the book on specific time, he may choose self publishing because it provides a means of getting the book on the market immediately. Traditional Publishers may take as long as two years, or longer to bring a book to market after it has been accepted, while a self publisher like Evincepub Publishing could get that same book to the marketplace in a few weeks.

Book Publisher in India

Evincepub Publishing is ultimate destination of authors searching for best book publisher in India. We are having a huge network of book distribution in India as well as internationally also. Evincepub stands as one of the fastest growing self publishing platform for Indian authors. We publish books in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujrati, Telugu and Punjabi languages. We also keep in mind your budget for the publishing as well, we provide package at most affordable cost we can offer. You may also get in touch with us by doing Registration for Self Publishing on our website and may get complete information about our Self Publishing Services and Self Publishing Cost here.

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