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Sinhani-Destined To Rule

Author: Balendra Tiwari

ISBN-13: 9789387905658

Available Type: Paperback/ eBook

Genre: Fiction

Product Dimension: 5"x8"

Pages: 100

Price Book: Rs.199 + 60 Shipping (Delivery Time 7-9 Working Days)

Price eBook: Rs.107


Sinhani: Destined to Rule'- is a Hindi fiction having an ancient plot. Queen Ritambhara- the queen of action, the queen of bravery, the queen who designs her destiny with sword. The main protagonist of this story is Queen Ritambhara, who is the widow of late King Visakhdatt. The story displays the bravery of the Queen with a lot of drama and actions. The story holds the theme of women empowerment. It shows up how a lady takes over the throne. The game of blood, the game of throne, the game where suspense is on every step- It's the story of wars. The book welcomes you to the world of Mayana.

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